Solar Eclipse Watch 2017 / by Brian Maschino

I didn't prepare too, too much for the solar eclipse this year; after all, we wouldn't even experience totality here in Dallas. Seeing I wasn't able to make a 400-something-mile trip to get the full effect, I took the opportunity to waltz up to the Perot Museum in downtown and photograph some of the chaos happening there.

One station allowed viewers to see a shadow of the moon slowly cover the sun through various optics.

Wannabe star-gazers and 15-minute celestial "experts" littered the Perot's plaza for a chance at free eclipse glasses (that actually work) and other fun eclipse-related activities, courtesy of the museum. 

Because I was working on assignment for this, I was lucky enough to snag some contraband eclipse glasses after they ran out, which I shared with my partner who came along to view the spectacle that is a partial solar eclipse. We were initially worried we would not get to actually see the partial eclipse because of this perceived shortage of glasses.

All in all, the eclipse-watching party was a lot of fun and a grand success, albeit crazy packed and chaotic.

Probably the most exciting part was photographing the moment an Uptown eclipse watcher proposed to his girlfriend at the moment Dallas saw it's peak showing.

Uptown resident John Posada proposes to his girlfriend of 1 year 4 months, McKenna Post, under the shade of the partial eclipse.

Below are a few more selections from my time at the Perot on Monday, but feel free to see the full gallery over at the Dallas Observer, or read more about eclipse proposals over at the New York Post, whom also picked up my photo.