Pigments Collide at Dallas' Color Run by Brian Maschino


Swarms of runners flocked to Fair Park to be pelted with powder at the Dallas Color Run 5K, Saturday morning, Mar. 10, 2018.

Running with a sold-out crowd, the 5K, also known as the “Happiest 5K on the Planet,” highlighted the North Texas Food Bank, which also hosted a food drive at the event.

(These photos originally ran in the Dallas Observer)

It's SUMMER! by Brian Maschino

It's been great splashing into summer (excuse the terrible pun). But after a rainy, cloudy few weeks, it's nice to see the sun out again, as well as seeing the troves of people going out to enjoy the weather and party together.

I had the chance to spend an afternoon with the Fraternal Order of Eagles in Dallas at their pool, which on this given Sunday attracted well over a thousand people to. 

Lots of crazy, soaked fun to be had.

We can't forget, however, the true kickoff to summer for so many more: graduation. I spent this season, as I usually do, camped out over at UNT's Coliseum shooting schools from across Denton County.

In years past, I've been used to photographing anywhere between 14-17 high school graduations across DFW. It was quite nice this year to only be responsible for six, although seriously made me wonder: How in the world did I manage that many graduations and come out alive? Graduations very much are an exhausting season, but rewarding to see all the big and small success stories walking the stage.

This year's ceremonies included: Argyle High School, The Colony High School, Flower Mound High School, Hebron High School, Lewisville High School and Marcus High School.

So here's to you, the graduating Class of 2017.

Argyle High School

Valedictorian Annabel Thorpe

Salutatorian Max McWhorte

Marcus High School

Valedictorian Hope Anderson

Salutatorian Jaeyoon Cha

Lewisville High School

Valedictorian Nathan Hoang

Salutatorian Madison Lopez

The Colony High School

Valedictorian Grace Perry

Salutatorian Madeline Roy

Hebron High School

Valedictorian Claire Boschert

Salutatorian Jun Jang

Flower Mound HS

Valedictorian Aditya Iswara

Salutatorian Kirtana George

Hanging out with St. Paddy by Brian Maschino

A week early for St. Paddy himself, the city of Dallas and the Dallas Observer held their own St. Patrick's Day festivities on Friday, March 11.

Dallas' annual St. Patrick's Day parade turned out to be a huge, hot blast with all the fun floats and costumes and drunken debauchery to make St. Paddy proud as ever (or so you'd believe with the bevvied-up traditions). I shot the parade along with the Dallas Observer's St. Patrick's Day Concert for the weekly pub, which was long, but very fun. 

Plus what a throwback -- Jimmy Eat World headlining!

The rest of the lineup included: DJ The John Stewart, Sealion, The Unlikely Candidates, Different Strokes and Rooney. Cool right?

With more than enough photos from the concert -- I was on video duty -- here's my own takeaway from the afternoon festivities:

For the full St. Patrick's Day parade, definitely check out the Dallas Observer's slideshow; got some pretty neat stuff they had going on.