Hanging out with St. Paddy by Brian Maschino

A week early for St. Paddy himself, the city of Dallas and the Dallas Observer held their own St. Patrick's Day festivities on Friday, March 11.

Dallas' annual St. Patrick's Day parade turned out to be a huge, hot blast with all the fun floats and costumes and drunken debauchery to make St. Paddy proud as ever (or so you'd believe with the bevvied-up traditions). I shot the parade along with the Dallas Observer's St. Patrick's Day Concert for the weekly pub, which was long, but very fun. 

Plus what a throwback -- Jimmy Eat World headlining!

The rest of the lineup included: DJ The John Stewart, Sealion, The Unlikely Candidates, Different Strokes and Rooney. Cool right?

With more than enough photos from the concert -- I was on video duty -- here's my own takeaway from the afternoon festivities:

For the full St. Patrick's Day parade, definitely check out the Dallas Observer's slideshow; got some pretty neat stuff they had going on.