#NoDAPL protesters march to pipeline CEO's home by Brian Maschino

Protesters marched from Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) in Dallas to CEO Kelsy Warren's house in the Highland Park neighborhood after the re-approval of construction for the Dakota Access Pipeline Tuesday night, Feb. 7.

Now this wasn't my first time following these very passionate, inspiring demonstrators - previously reported on their first gathering at ETP and a subsequent rally at Klyde Warren Park, which is named in honor after the company CEO's kiddo - but I do have to say it's refreshing to see time and time again the same faces that love for others, fight peacefully and diligently for a cause that they believe is for the better of humanity and overall morally, ethically right.

I hope I will get to see more of these brave faces in the days, months to come.

Trump's resistance in Dallas by Brian Maschino

J20 Dallas Anti Trump March & General Strike

Following President Trump's inauguration on Friday, Jan. 20, demonstrations erupted in defiance of a Trump presidency across the nation; and, in the event of the Women's March, reaction and opposition to Trump and support for equal rights across the world.

Following his oath of office, I covered protests in Oak Cliff, south of the Trinity in Dallas, and the Women's March on Dallas for the news. 

Here are some highlights from my coverage: